Keith Andrews is a director/ choreographer living and based in New York City.  He has directed and choreographed musicals and plays all around the US.  

Born the first son to a family of Long Island-based educators, Keith became the oldest-ever child prodigy when he started directing shows at the age of 28.  As he grew older and somewhat wiser, he realized that playing second base for his favorite team and perennial underdog, the New York Mets, was rapidly fleeting.  So Keith threw himself into musical theater and started directing and choreographing like a veritable madman.   Before that, he spent the majority of the 1990s on various forms of transportation, (usually buses-- ah, the glamorous life!) stopping occasionally to perform in shows in and around Europe and the US.  

In his constantly fleeting free time, Keith likes to spend time rooting for various New York sports teams, watching movies involving super heroes of any kind and being a world-renowned Rock and Roll star.  Although, the “world-renowedness” is mainly in his imagination, he would highly recommend it to others and will insist to this very day that he, in fact, rocks.

Keith is married to a wonderful and beautiful woman who has a remarkable ability to keep him sane.  He also has is lucky enough to have 2 wonderful parents, an amazing niece and nephew, a fantastic sister and brother-in-law and a pretty awesome group of extended family and friends. 

Someday, Keith would like to get a cat.